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Physical Education

Jenifer Elementary Physical Education Image
Franco Foraci

My name is Mr. Foraci and I am the Physical Education Teacher here at Jenifer. My background in Physical Education starts back in 1998 when I graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education. I furthered my education and received my Master's Degree from Towson University in 2003.

My belief is for each and every child to have the ability to explore new ways to move in space. Another long-term goal is for each and every child to be able to understand the importance of leading an active and healthy lifestyle. I hope to be able to leave that lasting impression long after the days of your child leaving Jenifer. I look forward to working with students of all age groups. Please do not hesitate to call me or e-mail with any concerns you may have.


One of our goals for our Kindergarten students include acquisition of all 8 locomotor movements. These skills include walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping, leaping, sliding and galloping. By the time they leave Kindergarten, the students in Kindergarten should be able to identify all 8 locomotor skills and be able to demonstrate 6 out of 8 skills.

Another broad goal is for our students to be able to show "Body Control" and spatial awareness through various fitness based lessons.

Let's have a great year!!!!!!!!